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"Searching for your dream home or a smart real estate investment? Look no further! Aerofield Homes Limited is your trusted partner in the world of real estate. With our expert team, innovative technology, and extensive property portfolio, we provide an unparalleled experience to help you find the perfect property that aligns with your aspirations. Explore our featured properties and lands to discover endless possibilities. Whether it's a charming family home, a sleek city apartment, or a lucrative investment opportunity, Aerofield Homes Limited has something exceptional for every discerning buyer."

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Real Estate Agency

You can count on us to help you secure that dream property you have been searching for either for rent or outright purchase


We make a reality of our clients dreams


We engage in practice of aggregating parcels of prime land for future sale or development.

Facility Management

At Aerofield Homes Limited, we offer professional services through our experts who fully understands the industry.

Past Properties

View our catalogue of past premium properties we have concluded deals on.

₦783,000 per sqm
₦750,000 per Sqm
₦750,000 per Sqm
₦750,000 per Sqm
₦750,000 per Sqm
₦783,000 per sqm
₦783,000 per sqm
₦450,000 per Sqm
₦600,000 per Sqm
₦500,000 per Sqm
₦120,000,000 per unit